NEW: at least 25 % weight saving

The new generation of lightweigt non-textile floorings for aircraft.

»SKYMAT« – the newly developed NTF from Wulfmeyer represents the lightest flooring currently available on the market for aircraft.

»SKYMAT« – and its benefits for you

Wulfmeyer has developed »SKYMAT« for original equipment, retrofit and replacement of floorings in all aircraft brands and types. In addition to considerable weight savings, this new NTF generation offers additional advantages in cleaning and disinfection, surface treatment and in maintaining the value of structural elements. Here you will find an overview of your most important advantage features: 

  • At least 25 % lighter than previously available non-textile floorings
  • Also available with foam lining for even more walking comfort, therefore also very suitable for the replacement of textile floorings, e.g. carpets
  • Resistant to cleaning fluids and disinfectants
  • Hard-wearing against mechanical stress
  • Installation according to the worldwide established »Wulfmeyer Process«
  • Corrosion prevention for floorboards 
  • Up to 10 times longer life cycle & reduced maintenance costs
  • None or significantly reduced waving, bubbling, tele­graphing (crew&passenger safety, aesthetic)
  • Huge selection of NTF top layer designs

Welcome to the dialogue for more quality and weight savings in aircraft operation.